The secrets to finding the right venue for your next event

The secrets to finding the right venue for your next event
When it comes to choosing the right venue for your next event, keeping these criteria in mind will make the selection process a lot easier. If you need more help, book an appointment with the venue manager at the establishment where you’re thinking of hosting your event.

Before you look at venues

There are a few things you need to consider before looking at venues:

1. Location
There are many variables when it comes to selecting the best location for your event. Would you like the event to be indoors or outdoors? Or a bit of both? What kind of views do you want to have? Beach? Park? Just a room with no views? You can start planning the general location around these details.

2. Guest list
Start thinking about your guest list and who you would most like to have at your event. Once you work out a rough number of people you will be catering to, you will be able to work out a rough budget for the event.

3. Budget
Now is a good time to set a budget for your event. You can work this out by cost per head or a total cost you’re willing to spend on the event – you may want to divide this by the number of people you’re inviting to work out the cost per head, so you can easily compare prices.

Looking at venues

Now that you know the basics, you’re set to go exploring. When you look at venues online things you’re looking for include the location, if they can cater for your guest list capacity and trying to see if they could provide the experience you want your guests to have. At this point, keep in mind what’s important to you:

1. Menus
Do you like the look of the food they currently offer? Suggested menus are often found on the website, or you may be able to call the venue and ask them to email you something. Pay attention to if it appeals to your taste buds, and if you think your friends will enjoy it.

If you are hosting a daytime event, having a nice view may be important. Think about whether you want to overlook a golf course, a beach, a bay or marina etc. For an evening event, this may not be as important and perhaps just a room without a view may suit your needs and be a lot more cost effective.

3. Capacity
Can the venue cater for the number of guests you want to have? Consider how you want the room laid out – is it standing cocktails, or is it a formal sit-down occasion? These details will impact the number of people who will fit into the room. A venue manager will also be able to discuss these kinds of details with you, as the layout can adjust to fit more or less people depending on your needs.

Inspecting a venue

Once you’ve narrowed it down to 3-5 venues that you like, it’s time to make an appointment with the venue manager. Now that you know approximately where you want to host your event, how many guests you’ll have and what your budget is, you have narrowed your search down to 3-5 venues – it’s time to make an appointment to inspect the venue. There are several things you need to prepare before you leave your front door:

1. Asking questions
Prepare some questions you need to know for your guests – what foods can they do for intolerances or allergies? What equipment is included? What equipment do they have that you can hire? What will the room layout be? How many guests can fit in that layout? Will they give you a map of the room layout so you can organise place settings?

2. Inspecting the room
When you’re inspecting the space try to visualise the space filled with your guests and decorated exactly how you want it to be. Imagine everyone having a good time and try to picture if you see anything not going as smoothly as you’d like it to. The key is in ensuring there is a space for guests to comfortably fit in the room and for entertainment.

3. Put down a deposit
If you like the venue and it offers everything you want, you may like to put down a deposit on the day you inspect to hold it for you. This means no one else can book this space on the day you want it. Make sure you check the terms and conditions for putting a deposit down so that you know whether or not to expect a refund if anything is to change and by when you need to have the full amount paid off.

For more information about various venues in your area and organising the perfect event for you, search the PartiesandCelebrations directory for an Event Planner.

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